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  1. The tenderer shall have to carefully study and understand the conditions, specifications, size, make etc. of the goods to be supplied. If he has any doubt about the meaning of any terms, conditions or specifications etc. he should refer to Officer Incharge and get clarification. The decision of the Company regarding interpretation of the conditions and specifications shall be final and binding on the Tenderers.

  2. Tender should be filled in with ink. No tender filled in by pencil or otherwise shall be considered. No addition and alteration should be made in the tender. No over writings should be done. Corrections, if any, should be done clearly and should be initialed.

  3. Quotation must be submitted in properly sealed envelope according to the directions given in the Tender Notice and must reach this office in time and date as notified. Envelope must be inscribed with the subject of Tender and name of Tenderer.

  4. Tenderers are hereby explicitly warned that individuals signing the Tender must specify as follows :-

    1. Whether signing as "Sole proprietor of the firm?"
    2. Whether signing as registered active partner of the firm?
    3. Whether signing for the firm i.e. for procarationem?
    4. In case of Companies and registered firms, whether signing a Secretary, Manager, Partner, Director etc. will submit an authorisation from the company to do this. A copy of any document under which such authority is given should be forwarded with the tender if a copy has not already been sent to the Company.
  5. Only such Tenderers who are bonafide manufacturers/dealers into the goods for which they tender shall be eligible.

  6. No Tenderer, who is not registered under the Sales Tax Act, prevalent in the state where his business is located, may not be eligible for Tender. The sales Tax Registration numbers should invariably be quoted.

  7. If a Tenderer imposes conditions which are in addition to or in conflict with the conditions mentioned herein, his tender may be rejected.

  8. The unit rates must not under any circumstances be altered and the rates must be entered in words as well as in figures.

    1. The rates quoted should be F.O.R. distillery/Unit Office/Warehouses inclusive of all duties, taxes and charges. However, the Tenderers should indicate whether supply will be made from within or outside Rajasthan.
    2. Any increases in excise Duty or nay other tax imposed by Central Government or State Government after the due date of the Tender will be paid extra. Similarly, any reduction in the Excise Duty or any other tax after the due date of tender will be paid less to the party.

  9. The tenderer shall not assign or sublet his contract or any part thereof to any other Agency. Subletting may be allowed by Company provided the subletee is a Registered Firm under the Rajasthan Sales Tax Act.

  10. The Tenderer should sign the Tender Form at the end of each page as a token of his acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Tender.

  11. The Tender must be accompanied by earnest money equivalent to 2% (0.5% in case SSI/Cottage industries registered with the Industries Department of Rajasthan) of the value of the items tendered or the supplies to be made by him without which the Tender shall not be considered. The earnest money should be deposited by the tenderer in one of the following forms only:

    Bank draft or Pay Order of any scheduled Bank in favour of 'Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Limited,' payable at Jaipur.

    1. The rate should be quoted in a sealed cover and DD should be in a separate enclosure with the sealed cover.
    2. The earnest money will be refunded to unsuccessful Tenderer after final acceptance of the tender whereas in case of successful Tenderer, it will be treated a part of Security Deposit.

  12. No request for adjustment of outstanding claim of any kind against the company towards EMD/SD will be entertained and failure to deposit the EMD/SD in full will always result in cancellation of tender/ acceptance.

  13. Successful tenderers will have to deposit Security Money or an amount equal to 5% (1% in case of SSI/Cottage Industries of Rajasthan registered with Industries Department) of the estimated value of articles by way of Demand Draft/Pay Order in favour of the Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Ltd. for which tenders are accepted within 15 days or any other specified period from the date of issue of purchase order. The Purchase Order duly accepted and signed by the tenderer will be an agreement for supplies. The Security Deposit will be refunded within six weeks after expiry of the contract on satisfactory completion of the same. No interest will be paid by the Company on the Security Deposit. If a tenderer fails to deposit the required security within the period specified, such a failure will be treated as breach of the terms and conditions of the tender and will result in the forfeiture of the earnest money in part or in full at the discretion of the Director Incharge for reason to be recorded.


    1. For a period 90 days (OR any specified period from the date of opening of Tenders.)
    2. After the tender has been accepted, the rate shall remain valid through out the Financial Year OR for the period for which tenders are invited, whichever is higher.
    3. Whether signing for the firm i.e. for procarationem?
    4. In case of Companies and registered firms, whether signing a Secretary, Manager, Partner, Director etc. will submit an authorisation from the company to do this. A copy of any document under which such authority is given should be forwarded with the tender if a copy has not already been sent to the Company.

  15. The Tenderer shall be responsible for the proper packing of goods so as to avoid damages under normal conditions of transport by road, sea, rail or air and delivery of the material in good conditions to the consignee at destination.

  16. The tenders should be submitted alongwith samples, if required.

  17. The quantities shown in the Tender Notice are approximate and subject to variation upto 50% at the discretion of Director Incharge. The supplies shall have to be arranged according to requirements as and when orders are placed through out the contract period.

  18. The time specified for supplies of Cartons shall be deemed to be the essence of the contract and the successful tenderer shall arrange supply work within that period on receipt of work/supply order from the Company.

    1. Should the contractor fail to execute the order/contract within the period specified in the Tender Form, and if such failure to deliver/complete in prescribed time as aforesaid have arisen from, any unforeseen cause such as strike, fire, accident, act of GOD resulting in stoppage of work in the factory, of the manufacturer or similar reasons which the Director Incharge may find valid for an extension of the time he may extend the period without charging any agreed liquidated damages. His decision shall be final regarding the sufficiency or otherwise of ground for extension of time.
    2. Should the tenderer fail to executed the order/contract within the period specified in the Tender Form, the Director Incharge may at his discretion allow extension of time subject to recovery from the tenderer as liquidated damages and not by way of penalty, a sum equal to the following percentage of the value of goods which the tenderer has failed to supply for the period of delay as stated below :-
      1. Delay upto one fourth period of the prescribed delivery period – 2.5%.
      2. Delay exceeding one fourth but not exceeding half of prescribed delivery period – 5%.
      3. Delay exceeding half but not exceeding three fourth of the prescribed delivery period – 7.5%.
      4. Delay exceeding three fourth but not exceeding the period equal to the prescribed delivery period – 10%.
      1. Fraction of a day in reckoning the period of delay in supplies shall be eliminated if it is less than half a day.
      2. The maximum amount of Liquidated Damages shall be 10%.
      3. When successful tenderer is unable to complete the order/contract within specified or extended period the Company shall be entitled to accept supply, get work done from the open market without notice to the Tenderer, but at his risk and cost i.e. Tenderer's Account and risk the goods or any part thereof which the Tenderer has failed to supply or if not available, best and nearest available substitute thereof or to cancel the contract and tenderer shall be liable for any loss or damage which the company sustained by reason of such failure on part of the tenderer. But the tenderer shall not be entitled to any gain on such purchase made against default. The recovery of such damage shall be made from any sum accruing to the Tenderer under this or any other contract with the Company. If recovery is not possible from bills and th contractor fails to pay the loss or damage within one month, the recovery shall be made under any law for the time being in force or from any other bills outstanding with the Company.
  19. When the Security Deposit in full or in part is proposed to be forfeited, a notice will be given to the Tenderer to explain within 10 days as to why the Security Deposit should not be forfeited for failure to complete the supplies in time.

  20. In the event of any breach of conditions of the contract at any time on the part of the contractor, the contract may be terminated summarily by the Director Incharge with such conditions as may be deemed fit.

  21. The Mode of payment shall be according to special conditions of contract enclosed herewith. Normally, 100% payment is released after acceptance of supply and receipt of verified bills at Head Office.

  22. Remittance charges on payment made to firms except through cheques will be borne by the supplier unless specifically agreed by the Company.

  23. All legal proceedings, arising out of this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts situated at Jaipur city only.

  24. Direct or indirect canvassing on the part or tenderers or their representatives will disqualify them.

  25. In case of any dispute arising in contract, the matter will be referred to Sole Arbitrator appointed by Director Incharge, RSGSM whose decision shall be final and binding on both the parties.

    1. The tenders should be submitted alongwith samples, if required. The company reserves the right to accept any tender not necessarily the lowest, reject any tender without assigning any reasons and accept any tender for all or any one or more of the goods for which the tender has been given.
    2. If the tenderer resiles from his offer or offers new terms after opening of the tender, his EMD is liable to be forfeited.
    3. The submission of more than one tender and under different names is prohibited.
    4. Any relationship or business connection that may exist between Tenderer and any official of the Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Ltd., Should be declared. If this information is found to have been suppressed, then contract, if any, entered into may be cancelled forthwith without notice and compensation and any amount may have been deposited Forfeited any Credited to the Company.

  26. Specifications (if any) items for which tenders are invited are enclosed with this document.

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