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Excise Department at a glance

The Excise department is third largest tax revenue earning department of state government. It deals with the administration of the laws and rules relating to manufacture, possession, sale, import, export and transport of Liquor, intoxicating drugs and collection of revenue from each of these sources. The department is not only involved in collection of revenue but it works to prevent illegal trade, trafficking and production of illicit Liquor.

Rajasthan Map
Excise District Map
Commissioner 1 HO 1 HO 1
Addl. Commissioner 10 Sugar Mill, Ganganagar 1 Depots 40
DEO 40 Reduction Centers 19  
    Depots 97    
गन्ना काश्तकारो की सीनियोरिटी लिस्ट 20172018
गन्ना काश्तकारो की जारी डिमाण्ड स्लिप 20172018
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Smt. Vasundhara Raje

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Nodal Officer : Sh. CHHOGA RAM DEWASI
Contact Number : 0294-2412274, TOLL FREE: 1800-180-6436
Asst. Nodal Officer
RSBCL: Dr. Devraj (G.M.-Operation)
Contact No: 0141-2744232
RSGSM: Sh. Pawan Kumar Garg (Company Secretary)
Contact No: 0141-2740841
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